Green Goo!

For too many years, I hated the texture and sight of green goo. The aversion expanded to the gooey texture of some foods. For a while, I’d even gag when I brushed my teeth with too much toothpaste.

This slime phobia made eating guacamole, drinking green veggie shakes, and dipping in any hued gooey foods a no-no. It started when I worked nights as a nurse, LPN in a psych ward and in a geriatric psych ward. I cleaned up plenty of barf and excrement, sometimes painted on the walls by psychotic artists.

The phobic aversion constrained my dietary choices. Eventually, it wore off through desensitization. Hard pistachio ice cream was a winner and later when I prepared avocados for salads. I like avocados, and hooray for guacamole, if its chunky.

But I still avoid gelatinous stuff at buffets. You just can’t know what’s in there.

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