Masked Rowing

You may think my innovation eccentric, but rowing the erg with a bandanna turns your workout into a mind-body-spirit journey.

Don’t worry what others may think.

Close your eyes, focus on the breath, the long smooth stroke, and meditate with your playlist. Allow your pace to match your music with varied intensity. Envision your voyage, in calm and turbulent seas. You may be Spartacus on a slave galley ship, Odysseus returning home after the fall of Troy, or just rowing on the Annisquam or Charles River.

Exercise your imagination, the time will fly, and your bandanna will catch the sweat. Keep your wrists in a neutral position. Don’t jump the handle over your knees (thank you Gina Lampassi), and thrust your arms forward, gliding to your feet. Lead with your elbows, to pull the handle back to the bottom of your sternum with the curve of your back.


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