Call me James, Giacomo, or Jim. In French class it was Jacques. Boundless curiosity powers my writing. Stories of transformation are central to my work and may live beyond my expiration date.

Honing literary skills is demanding, bittersweet, and triumphant. A beginner’s mind is essential. Each day, I hope for elusive moments of timeless, selfless flow where emotion, sensation, and reason confabulate to satisfying scenes. Intense observation, and unfiltered word painting can do this. No drugs or alcohol required. This is a craft you can do anywhere, anytime.

Life experiences provide enormous material for our writing. Blue collar jobs paid for my education. I know what it is like to happily work in grimy factories, machine shops, a lumber yard, a moving company, manage a hardware store, operate heavy equipment, and terraform a new golf course.

During college, I worked the graveyard shift as Psychiatric Nurse LPN in charge of a men’s maximum security ward. By day, I majored in Psychology, with keen interests in classical literature, physics, and philosophy at Holy Cross College. My interests in therapeutic practice, human potential, organizational effectiveness, and entrepreneurship were accelerated by advanced graduate studies in clinical psychology, and an MBA in marketing and organizational behavior from Babson College.

My career spanned leadership roles in social work, human resources, executive search, strategy management, executive education, and corporate governance. My non-fiction articles and papers appeared in professional journals, and trade press. My book, Power Skills, is regarded as the seminal book on relationship capital management. This led to hundreds of global speaking engagements, keynotes, seminars, consulting engagements, and media appearances.

Now I write fiction, full-time. My creative wife, Judi, and I reside in Naples, Florida, and Gloucester, Massachusetts with our wise beagles, Lucy and Jenny.