My Fog

Arrived after
they sawed my bones.
Lingered for months
as I languished alone.

What sinister designs
have they for me. . .
Now or ever?
But the world did clear.

Till they took out a vital part
that followed my heart.
My fog returned.
Thick as beer head.

My words broke apart,
losing my place
at the strangest times
with blanked face.

Notes in my pockets
but what do they mean? 
My Fog, my thicket
Came not on cat feet.

But from a deep 
addled well of mind.
Born of procedures.
Forcing my sleep.

The appendix burst.
My fog returned
as I lay for a week.
Seven drips to tweak.

Three years reprieve.
My fog cleared enough
to recall a life. Relief! 
But cancer came back tough.

A new raid: another part
My fog sneaks back again! 
I summon my will.
But who is my old friend?

10 thoughts on “My Fog”

    1. Doing fine Glenn, thanks bud. Not really about me from a theme standpoint. I think a lot of folks can relate to having foggy days with the attention economy
      driven to distraction, covid-19-blues, lack of civil discourse, media madness as well as advanced age or multiple surgeries.
      Have you not had a moment of brain fog now and then when you have a long list of to dos with interruptions? If you are having perfect clarity, send it my way, Sir.

    1. You are my old friend indeed and I have not forgotten you or your beautiful family.
      Stay clear, stay healthy!

  1. Hi Jim, I enjoyed your first book. I remember meeting you at your book signing.
    I have finally finished my first book. “Sunsets-of-my-Life” Cherished Memories of Growing Up Sicilian American, Fisherman’s Daughter. Mother of Seven, Grandmother of eight, Great-Grandmother of Nine. Widow of WWII Veteran, Licensed Social Worker, Eucharistic Minister. You can see I have lots of stories to tell. Like the Sunset some are happy and some are sad, but all are true.
    I hope to see Henry Ferrini on Gloucester Writer’s Center Open Mic ZOOM Monday night to look for a publisher. Looking forward to your new book. Virginia McKinnon mckinnon02@msn.comm

    1. Thank you Virginia and congrats on completing your book and the matron of a beautiful family. We are in Florida but save a signed copy for me to purchase when we get back next summer at “the Fort”
      I know I will love it, I’m working on a short story collection and another of creative-non fiction.
      Jim Masciarelli

  2. This poem’s vibe is very fitting for 2020 Jim. I for one appreciate you diving headfirst into the darkness instead of beating around the bush with manufactured happiness and half-assed positivity like so many are trying to do lately.

    Sadness, just like happiness, is a natural emotion. We need to learn to embrace it more often and ride it out.

    Great work Jim. Hope to see you in December if you’re in Naples!

    1. Thanks Anthony, I agree with your sentiments. Push on, headwinds be dammned.
      We will be here and lets plan something fun.

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