Never Quit by Charley Polachi

A Sentence That Changed Me…

Never Quit!

Sometimes when I’m sailing now, I reflect upon my younger days as a hotshot sailor in my early teens. I always won my class and often the entire fleet. I can remember a day when I was maybe 14 or 15…it was hot, virtually no breeze and lots of current. I had won my first two of three races and we were drifting aimlessly during the 3rd race. My crew and I did the math and realized we didn’t need to finish the race as we had wrapped up the series for the month of July. We dropped out and proceeded to paddle back to the dock at the yacht club.

My father, a WWII veteran, met us at the dock and really laid into me and finished with “Never quit!” His reprimand and the message stuck with me for the rest of my life. When things inevitably got tough and I wanted to bail on something, I remembered his words.

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