On My Mind…John Nesta

My dear friend of thirty-five years, John Nesta, passed unexpectedly in September of 2017. Yet, thankfully, he lives on in his art. The well-attended celebration of his life at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center was both sobering and uplifting. We all want to hold John in our hearts along with his talent, passion and enthusiasm.

Throughout the year, I would meet John for coffee or visit with him in his studio and look at his new paintings of Gloucester and its historic vessels and seascapes. He painted year round in his studio on Rocky Neck and from his mobile studio/camper, to catch the light and lavender skies in all types of weather. He inspired friends and strangers alike with his love of art, life, and the community. I fondly remember his mantra, “to be in love with his next painting.”

Some of his paintings grace my Gloucester home. This large piece depicts a schooner heading out Gloucester’s inner working harbor, passing the iconic old copper paint factory, with Ten Pound Island behind, and out to the far western shore.

I think of John’s mantra when I set to write—maybe today I’ll fall in love with my next story.



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