You Are An Underachiever! By James Masciarelli

A Sentence That Changed Me…

You’re An UnderAchiever!

I’m in the back of ninth grade study hall, doodling in my notebook and chatting with my friends. Mrs. E, one of my favorite and kind teachers from seventh grade, was now a guidance counselor in the high school and patrolling the study. Although it was “free study” period Mrs. E apparently noticed I was not cracking the schoolbooks. It hadn’t occurred to me that competing for grades was important.

She marched toward me and nose-to-nose and with a stern look and shaking index finger, she said, “You… are… an… underachiever!” This echoed in my noggin and through the study hall. I was sure my fellow students heard the sentence Mrs. E hurled at me. Then, she whisked away, as if a drive-by shooting.

The shock effect made me think I should put in more effort–not only at school, but sports and work. Thanks to Mrs. E and her abrupt one-liner, I changed. No longer would I live with that label.

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